Escape game Assassin's Lair

Company: Exithis


1207 Creighton Rd, Pensacola FL 32503 ()


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You are a CIA agent investigating several assassinations of high profile people across the world over the last year. Intel says the man behind the assassinations is assembling a rogue team of 8 highly skilled, very dangerous operatives from several agencies including the CIA, FBI, and Interpol. Your research takes you to an abandoned apartment structure just outside of downtown New York City. While investigating, you are captured, dragged, blindfolded, and cuffed to the wall somewhere inside this structure. You overheard the assassin confirming a mission he still needs to complete. He has left to setup and execute it within the next 60 minutes, and will deal with you when he returns. Your goal is to escape your eminent demise and discover who the eight elite operatives are. Once you have your list, escape without setting off his green light alarm system and meet at the rendezvous point for further instruction.

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