Escape game Revolution[Closed]

Company: Liberty Escape Rooms

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325 Cherry St Philadelphia, PA 19106 ()


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The Sons of Liberty have hidden a crucial secret… and the fate of a nation is in your hands. It is the frozen winter of 1777. British troops, led by General Howe, have occupied Philadelphia and are seeking out the rebellious Sons of Liberty – men who would become the fathers of a nation.

The Sons have hidden the Liberty Bell somewhere near the city and the secret of its location is hidden behind layer upon layer of enigmatic puzzles. If General Howe and his troops discover its location before you do they will destroy this symbol of freedom. Can you and your squad of would-be heroes solve their clues and find the Liberty Bell in time? The fate of the revolution hangs in the balance.

With puzzles inspired by the most brilliant of America’s first heroes, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton, REVOLUTION is an escape game you truly can’t miss.