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Company: Dare to Escape AZ

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9875 S Priest Dr #101 Tempe, AZ 85284 ()


Dare to Escape AZ is located at the NorthEast corner of W Ray Rd & S Priest Dr. It is behind the Thomasville furniture store and the Shell gas station.

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Telepathy Acclimation Program, or TAP, was a programme set up to train potential human telepaths. Children who showed telepathic potential were sent to Station Zero, a facility located deep in Mojave Desert for training.You were one of the children who was sent to this facility. In reality, they did physical and psychological experiments on you and other children.

The facility was closed down, and your memories of the place is hazy. After years of searching, you and a group of TAP victims were finally able to locate the now-abandoned facility. Some old systems are still active though. As soon as you enter the facility, it goes into a lockdown...


Please note that in this game we will split the party into two groups and each group will start in different rooms. Therefore, a minimum of 4 players is recommended for this game, although even 2 players can play it as 1 and 1.