Escape game Professor Ransom, Ph.D.

Company: Great Escape Maricopa

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5.0 / 5

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Professor Payus Ransom, Ph.D., is a brilliant scientist, who, while working with his team under a research grant from Vira Scientifica, has recently made several breakthroughs that could cure many of the world’s most deadly diseases. His discoveries present a direct threat to the profitability of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, Giant Drug, Inc.

Recently, while working late, several employees overheard yelling, screams, and gunshots coming from the direction of his lab. Upon arrival at the scene, they discovered that Professor Ransom was gone, and hasn’t been seen or heard from since that night. Your job as the investigative team is to find the clues that Professor Ransom left behind and find his research. But, the drug company has found out Professor Ransom doesn't have his research and they'll be back in one hour to get it.