Escape game The Candy Shoppe

Company: Inferno Escape Room

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2155 E University Dr. #210, Tempe AZ 85281 ()


33.42156308489731, -111.89302164488336

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Your Grandfather’s Candy Shop has won numerous awards for crafting the most wonderful chocolate in the world. He passed away a few years ago and his will was just recently found. In his will, he has named you, his favorite grandchild, his successor but only if you can prove you are as crafty, cunning, and as smart as he was. Therefore, he has hidden his secret recipe in the shop and devised various puzzles and clues to help lead you to the coveted recipe.

He has given you one full hour to complete this task, and if you should not succeed, he will have no choice but to pass you over in favor of someone more qualified. Can you find Grandpa’s secret recipe and prove that you are worthy of inheriting The Candy Shop?

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