Escape game Room 113

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It was supposed to be the perfect road trip; you and your friends traveling the iconic Route 66 through America’s heartland. It soon became apparent, however, that “heartland” is synonymous with desert wasteland. A string of dive motels and sketchy diners has left your group wondering how this stretch of highway ever became so famous. Only thoughts of Southern California keep you going down this godforsaken “Main Street of America”.

As gas stations become more scarce and the needle gets closer to empty, you’re forced to pull over at a filling station that looks like it’s been standing since the invention of the automobile. There’s no sign of an attendant anywhere. You begin pumping gas as one of your group goes behind the building to look for a bathroom. Moments later you hear a scream before something slams into the back of your head.

That’s the last thing anyone in your group remembers before you all wake up in a horrifying motel room. No one knows how you got here, and you appear to be locked in. Worse yet, it’s apparent from your surroundings that you need to get out before whoever put you here comes back!

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