Escape game Desperate in the Wild West[Closed]

Company: Wolff Escapes


157 Main Street Danielson, CT 06239 ()


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The year is 1889. You are a hustler, a poker player. You have a loving wife and two small children. However, everything changes when a group of out-of-town cowboys buying you beer and whiskey all night. You wake up in the morning face down in the dirt next to the saloon and see one of your new “best friends”.

He hands you goatskin with water. His words hit you like a ton of bricks. Last night you were drunk and lost everything you had and even money you didn’t. Your whole family is held hostage and you must pay $20,000 by noon. You now understand that there is only one hour to obtain the money; only in this case you will return in time and save your family. The common wall of saloon and bank gives you an idea…

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