Escape game Wild West Heist

Company: Deadwood Escape Rooms


25 Lee St Deadwood, SD 57732 ()

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Al Swearengen was a greedy, violent and manipulative man. He was also very paranoid. In 1877 he opened the Gem Variety Theater. The venue had shows, a bar, gaming tables as well as a brothel. The variety of entertainment was very lucrative for Swearengen. Averaging $5,000 a night in the late 1800’s made it very profitable.

As paranoid as Al was he didn’t like keeping his earnings in the bank. You and your posse have found yourself in a bit of trouble at the gaming tables.

You now have one hour to find Al’s stash of cash or gold. If he finds you after an hour consequences will be dire. Mr. Wu is well known for cleaning up after Al.

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