Escape game Lair "Z"

Company: Breakout Escape Rooms


22500 Town Cir Moreno Valley, CA 92553 ()


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In this series you will get acquainted with the unique medical developments of the brilliant doctor, each of which is a symbiosis of scientific thought and unnatural cruelty. In achieving medical progress, the doctor conducted experiments on the most natural biomaterial – people sacrificed in the name of saving mankind.

The laboratory of the doctor is a workshop of life and death, where horror and great discoveries unite. Where monsters, hidden from human eyes, still live and are doomed to eternal life. Where danger and fear soaked the atmosphere so strongly that only the bravest and strongest can find a way out.

2.Save humanity.
3.Go down into the dungeon and open the doctor’s den.
4.Neutralize the mine and win the battle in the cyborg.
5.Dominate a monster.
6.Solve the maze.
7.De-energize or detonate a bomb-the choice is yours.
8.Learn the blood group of the Nordic race.
9.Saving Life to a Doctor.
10.Collect the bioweapon and raise it to the surface.

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