Escape game Arctic Outbreak

Company: Exitus Escape Rooms


155 Liberty St NE, #M103 Salem, OR 97301 ()


Salem Arts Building - Mezzanine (enter between Subway & Frozation or back alley by the Victory Club)

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Details are sparse when it comes to the work performed by the team of scientists at C.A.L.D. (Center for Arctic Life Discovery). On the fringe of accepted science, this clandestine organization is typically tight-lipped. But their last transmission was an unusual change of pace - they sounded eager to welcome a new group of researchers to witness an exciting breakthrough. Planning a journey to the remote outpost has taken some time and it looks like the forecast and flight-plan have finally aligned!

As the helicopter approaches the station, you still can't shake an uneasy feeling. Is it nerves concerning the big discovery? Perhaps the thought of unrelenting sub-zero conditions has you a bit shaken? Or could it be the fact that the communication from C.A.L.D. went from reserved to elated to radio silent? The pilot informs you that once you land, you'll have only an hour to observe and return - a storm is approaching and it's wheels-up in 60.