Escape game The Parlour

Company: The Puzzalarium

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5.0 / 5

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3864 5th Ave, San Diego CA 92103 ()


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The mind of J. D. Howell has been fragmented and broken, and the man himself has wound up in Ethos. Streeper Industries invites you and all able-minded test subjects to come play a simple card game and solve a few trivial puzzles in order to assist us in piecing together the life and times of Mr. Howell in order to...rescue him.

Yes, that’s it. Save him from himself. We would like to just find Howell and help him out is all. Absolutely nothing else. Nope. No ulterior motives here. We are the good guys. No doubt about it. Yep. Your assistance in this Streeper Industries Scientific Endeavour will be crucial to the overall success of the project. Apply today.