Escape game A Culinary Murder Mystery

Company: Bay Mystery Scavenger Hunts


220 University Ave Palo Alto, CA 94301 ()


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The year is 1927 in thriving Palo Alto. A peculiar murder happened in town last night and your police squad is tasked with identifying the evil culprit. You'll work in teams of 3-4 players to investigate the information: a victim bio, suspect list, clues, puzzle boxes, and of course - plenty of food! There are several suspects in this murder and they've all left clues throughout the town's eateries. As you retrace their tracks, you will taste food and drinks, searching for evidence concealed in appetizers, desserts, menus, and other culinary hideaways. The team with the most correct answers, identifying the culprit, their motive and how they carried out the crime - wins!

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