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Hunt A Killer is an "at home" activity.

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Hunt A Killer delivers a monthly box that tells an ongoing murder mystery story. You play as the lead detective in a murder investigation. Boxes are full of fictional evidence, documents, and ciphers that are used to tell a complex story. Every 6 boxes, you'll solve a murder (you can "expedite" the boxes so that they arrive sooner) and then a new mystery begins. Hunt A Killer is perfect as an "at home activity". It can be played alone, but many couples and families also work these cases together. Hunt A Killer releases a new box every month, they have a team of over 20 writers and designers who work tirelessly to make sure that the game is as realistic an immersive as possible!


Hunt A Killer is a subscription service, so every month a new box will arrive at your doorstep. They take many of the puzzles and challenges that you find in an escape room and use it to tell an in-depth story. Each box is like an "episode" of a true-crime show, and every 6 boxes is a "season". Currently, Hunt A Killer has over 100,000 active subscribers.

Each box takes about 2-3 hours to complete. Since there is no time limit in the game, some of these puzzles and ciphers take longer than the average puzzles that are found in an escape room. Hunt A Killer can be played at home and it has an active online community that discusses the story and helps each other crack the case. If you get stuck, there is a "solutions" website that provides hints that will help you move forward with the investigation. Part of the proceeds of each box to go the Cold Case Foundation, an organization that helps solve real-life murder investigations.
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