Escape game Escape the Palace

Company: Palace Games


3601 Lyon St San Francisco, CA 94123 ()


Palace Of Fine Arts

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You’ve been invited to assist the renowned researcher Dr. Armand Hand in Phalanx Digital Labs, located in the Palace of Fine Arts. Unfortunately, the absent minded doctor seems to have left the building, and locked the doors on the way. Using Dr. Hand’s notebooks, recreate his experiments to discover a way to escape!

Escape the Palace is a private puzzle hunt game in San Francisco CA, available for groups of 30 to 125 players, which can be booked as a stand alone game or as part of a larger offsite at the Palace of Fine Arts. All players will play the same game at the same time!

Your group will be divided into smaller teams of 5-7 that must work together to solve puzzles, in a race to escape the Palace first! This active game requires teams to visit different stations to solve a combination of puzzles, collecting answers for a final meta puzzle.

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