Escape game Liberty Falls

Company: Riddler's Escape


510 25th Ave N, Suite 8 St Cloud, MN 56303 ()


At the stoplight on Division (Hwy 23), where CVS, Walgreens and Caribou Coffee are located, head north on 25th Ave, proceed 5 blocks, then cross over the railroad tracks. Riddler's Escape Rooms will be on your right side, immediately after the tracks.

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The great American empire has fallen into chaos and the country's infrastructure has collapsed. The world we once knew it is a distant, faded memory. You and your ragtag band of survivors have been fighting relentlessly to restore order.

It seemed an unwinnable battle, but now a strangest enemy bunker has been discovered amongst the apocalyptic remains of the city. It may hold the promise of a better future for you, your friends, and your countrymen.

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