Escape game The Writer's Cabin

Company: Escape St. Pete

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1041 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, FL 33705 ()

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Best selling mystery author U. N. Owen has mysteriously died. The police have ruled it a suicide and are ready to release the body for burial but Miss Owen’s friend and publicist, Grace Hughes, believes that foul play was involved and she has come to your Private Detective Agency to discover if the famed author was indeed murdered.

Grace informs you that Una underwent a drastic personality change in the months before her death, once outgoing and personable she became paranoid and reclusive until she finally left the city altogether to retreat to a cabin in the country owned by her family for generations. Grace is the only person that knew her whereabouts or at least that is what they thought.

​You have 60 minutes to solve the mystery or the killer will get away with cold-blooded murder.