Escape game Behind Bars

Company: Behind Locked Doors

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115 South Clay Street, Suite A ​Taylorville, IL 62568 ()

(217) 777-8060

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From fame to framed. I need your help. My name is Berry & I'm a well known writer living a happy life with my wife and kids. That is until one evening returning from a family vacation, I was arrested and falsely accused of murder. I didn't do this! I couldn't harm one soul, let alone FOUR. That's where you come in. As the newest detectives of Boulderkeep Penitentiary, you all must prove my innocence and find the RIGHT guy. I've been receiving encrypted messages, and I think it may be the lead you need. Please, I want to get home to my family. You're my only hope to get out from Behind Bars! ​​

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