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This Room Is Not Scary.


It’s the year 2112. After a century of civil unrest between opposing religions and political parties, the world has plunged into extreme peril. In a final attempt to unite it’s people, the smartest minds from around the globe have gathered to create one omnipotent cure for all of the world’s diseases. Their hope is that healthy people will bring about a state of calm and happiness that will spur a thriving global community. Their solution comes in the form of an injectable virus that has the ability to target and repair a person’s sick or dying cells. The virus, known as the Omega Virus, proves to be nothing short of a miracle cure and is quickly produced and administered to millions of terminally ill patients. As the leaders had hoped, the return to health has created a peace throughout the world. It would be wonderful to assume that everyone lived happily ever after. But, sadly, this is not the case. The creators of the Omega Virus did not foresee the 7 year mutation that was going to change the structure of the their amazing creation. 7 years after their treatment, all patients injected with the virus fell ill, died and awoke once more in a transformed state. These undead creatures hungered for human flesh and thus the Zombie Apocalypse began.

In 2119, Doctor Douglas Xavier, one of the Omega Virus creators, took it upon himself to eradicate the mutated virus in an attempt to turn the zombies into humans once more. Dr. Xavier gathered everything that he needed and locked himself in his steel plated lab and began his experimentation in his quest for a cure. His first injectable serum that passed animal trials was known as preparation BCF-13. Dr. Xavier ventured out of his lab in a special designed hazmat suit, tranquilized and captured a zombie and brought it to his custom made containment unit. He then injected zombie #1 with the serum. Sadly his subject did not survive. He followed BCF-13 with JHF-15. Zombie #2 was captured, injected and died as well. JHF-15 was then followed by a promising serum he called HEF-17. Zombie #3 slowly morphed into a more human state, but eventually died as well. The results of the HEF-17 trial led Dr. Xavier to believe that the serum was just too strong in injectable form. He then set out to create a serum in an ingestible form. This led to his creation of the HJB-19 ingestible serum. Dr. Xavier once again ventured out and captured Zombie #4. He placed the anesthetized creature in his containment unit and chained it to the back wall. He then placed the serum in a special compartment for the zombie to find once it awakened in hopes that it would drink the serum and thus transform into a human being once more. Unfortunately, Dr. Xavier underestimated the strength of the tranquilizer he used on the zombie. After removing his protective gloves, this zombie unexpectedly awakens, grabs and attacks Dr. Xavier thus exposing him to the mutated Omega Virus.

Knowing that his time is limited in his human form, Dr. Xavier tranquilizes and locks Zombie #4 in the containment unit and begins making special adjustments to his lab for future human beings to discover. He considers consuming HJB-19 himself, but is fearful that it may kill him. Instead, he secures HJB-19 in a custom ventilated casing. He then constructs an elaborate sequence of puzzles that only humans would be able to solve thus gaining access to the serum and subsequently curing the zombie.

Can you solve Dr. Xavier’s puzzle sequence? Gain access to HJB-19? Cure the Zombie and Save The World?!

Gather a group and come find out!


Note: You get to choose the personality of the zombie in the containment unit. If you are just not in to creepy, scary zombies, we totally understand. You may request a funny, goofy zombie instead if that is what you prefer. Your Game Master will be sure to ask you what you want your zombie to act like before entering Dr. Xavier’s lab.

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