Escape game Opposing Forces[Closed]

Company: Solve It... Escape Rooms

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521 Co Rd 515 Vernon Township, NJ 07462 ()


Across from ACME Shopping Center

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You have woken up in a room where everything around you has completely changed. You don't know how you ended up there. But the one thing you do know is that nothing around you seems to make any sense. Is this a test? Why are you here?

There are hidden secrets within the room that can transform you back to reality. Will you work together to uncover the mystery of this room? Or will you struggle and oppose your every logical move? Just remember, everything that happens in this mysterious room is never just black and white.


For teams of 6-12 players, there are two identical rooms at the location, Onyx and Ivory. Book both and compete head-to-head with your friends to see who gets out faster!

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