Escape game House of Pawns

Company: Escape Artist DC

Average Rating:

4.8 / 5

5+ reviews


720 I Street SE, Washington DC 20003 ()

(301) 502-2043

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The Asteroid Bill has passed the senate and the Concorde project is on schedule. Esteemed scientist Kumar has been found dead and rumors of foul play are rife. As the plot (and the smog) thickens, there are many players involved who have a motive to kill Kumar including Frederick O'Connor as his wife is having an affair with his buddy Kumar. On the other hand, Mrs. O'Connor has a lot at stake in terms of her political ambitions if the affair becomes public.

You will be playing the role of an Oil Lobbyist working for Axeon Corp and break into Mr. O'Connor's office in order to obtain evidence surrounding Kumar's demise and use it as a leverage to thwart the Concorde project. You must find the evidence and the key to escape the office— all in 45 minutes!

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