Escape game Oblivion

Company: Insomnia Escape Room DC

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4.3 / 5

3 reviews


2300 Wisconsin ave NW #200B Washington, DC 20007 ()


second floor, right above the Starbucks

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It is a not so distant future, a powerful artificial intelligence was created by a bright scientist Michael Hall and named by his beloved wife ELIZA. With so much power available at our service, the society is already relying on this powerful A.I. for our critical missions and operations.

A couple of days ago ELIZA suddenly stopped responding to us. An automatic security protocol was put in place, making the control room available only for its creator. What’s worrying is that Michel, the creator of the machine, is missing and can not be located.

You are a team of Michael colleagues, and you are sent to investigate what’s going on.

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