Escape game The President's Bunker[Closed]

Company: The Great Escape Room


1730 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20009 ()

(202) 930-1843

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While visiting Washington, D.C., you and your group have been invited to a special private tour of the White House. The last stop on the tour is the Presidential command bunker. In the event of a national emergency, the President and his staff would retreat to this bunker.
As you make your way through this last stop on your tour, the bunker suddenly goes into automatic lockdown and you are informed of an imminent attack on the United States. Now, it is just you and your fellow tour members locked in with no hope of outside help.
It is up to you to work together in a 60 minute, high-stakes race to prevent nuclear armageddon. Good luck – the whole world is counting on you!

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