Escape game The 8ighth House

Company: Locked In at The Lakes

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5.0 / 5

2 reviews


463 Portage Lakes Drive Akron, OH 44319 ()


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You wake up to find yourself trapped in a cold, dark cell. As your eyes adjust, you see that you are not alone. There are others; some are blindfolded and many are restrained. You search the room for a way to escape.

Strange images and symbols fill the walls and an illuminated display counts down the time, second by second. You are overcome with horror as you realize you are pawns in a game. A game of life or death.

The latest news stories begin flashing through your mind as you try to comprehend this grim reality. You are in the lair of a notorious serial killer. The Spawn of the Zodiac, they say. For months, he has left detectives mystified, and a gruesome trail of victims in his wake.

The clock is ticking. Can you and the others work together to save yourselves? Or will you become the next victims of The 8ighth House?


Subtle lighting effects are used which may affect players with photo-sensitive epilepsy.

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