Escape Rooms during COVID-19

Of the corporate team buildings, 97% have been postponed in 2020.
Based on a 2020 survey of 740 companies, Exit the Room discovered that 97% of the casual end-of-the-year team buildings have been postponed.
The main reason was the pandemic.
Looking into the reason for this extremely high rate, we discovered:
● 48.6% of the surveyed companies answer that their team building was not held due to the COVID-19.
● 16.2% of them wanted to decrease their expenses by the abandonment of these corporate events.
● 32.4% of them did not organise team buildings for reasons other than these.
Among these responses, a lack of interest and the extra workload placed on organization were also primary reasons. This shows that there are a great number of businesses – typically small and medium-sized enterprises – where organizing team buildings is an extra task.
There’s a great demand for online team buildings.
Online team building, which can easily be held from the home office, was almost unknown to the general public before 2020. Today, 56.8% of companies would like to make use of this service and at least 35.1% would consider the opportunity.

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