Escape game Alien Terror

Company: Escape The Netherworld

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5.0 / 5

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1313 Netherworld Way Stone Mountain, GA 30087 ()


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You will soon be boarding the deep space mining vessel known as the Dark Horizon to experience the ultimate thrill – venturing to the very edge of a massive Black Hole! Ships such as this make the trip to one of the most dangerous places in the universe in search of DARK MATTER, an incredibly valuable resource that only manifests in the intense gravitational fields found there. You can be assured that this exclusive voyage will place you in an elite class of galactic adventurers… those who have witnessed first hand one of the most terrifying and destructive forces in the cosmos from the safety and comfort of our deluxe starship! Please prepare for boarding!


WARNING! Alien Terror is an intense horror themed escape game. Attendees may experience darkness, fog, loud sounds, claustrophobia, flashing lights, feelings of motion sickness, and moments of extreme dread. Alien Terror is not recommended for impressionable children or anyone who would not enter a Haunted Attraction.

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