Escape game The Gauntlet: The Hunt for DB Cooper's Treasure

Company: Escape Woods


628 Sleepy Hollow Rd Powder Springs, GA 30127 ()


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This unique adventure is part treasure hunt, part escape game, and part obstacle challenge. The game is based on the true story of the legendary D.B. Copper skyjacking of 1971. We have reason to believe that D.B. Cooper passed away and wants someone to find his treasure. To make sure the inheritor(s) of his treasure are worthy, he has left clues that you will need to solve, obstacles that will need to be crossed, and booby traps that can’t be tripped. Your mission is to travel to the remote region where D.B. Cooper landed after he parachuted from the plane and find the treasure. This region is known for treacherous terrain and severe weather so this will not be an easy mission. Good luck. Contact us to book this game.

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