Escape game Interrogation

Company: Mind Busting Escape Rooms

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Your friend(s) and you are trapped on the Major Case Squad's floor of the police station. You will have 60 minute to escape. While the officers are gone holding off a siege on the station by your friends outside. This is your only chance to free everyone before being transferred to different holding facilities. You must first figure out how to free the friend(s) that are in the interrogation room. Then get out before the police return and send your friend(s) and you away for the rest of your life.

Half of your group was being interrogated when the siege started and are locked in the interrogation room. The other half was cuffed in the hallway of the major case squad waiting interrogation when the siege begun. The entire group will need to work together to get the people in the hallway cuffs off and the people in the interrogation free from the interrogation room. Then as a group you all will need to beat the clock and escape the police station.

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