Escape game A Puzzlescape Christmas Carol

Company: PuzzlEscape Hudson


45 Main St, Suite 301 Hudson, MA 01749 ()


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PuzzlEscape Hudson

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This is primarily a theatrical performance of the Dickens classic story. There will be interactive theater elements as well as traditional escape room puzzles and missions to complete, but it is NOT like our traditional escape room experiences. It is a performance with some escape room aspects, not an escape room with some performance aspects.

Join Scrooge, Marley, Bob Cratchit, and the rest of the well-known characters as you help Ebenezer understand the meaning of Christmas and also work together to free Jacob Marley from his earthly chains! A interactive theater performance where you and the rest of the audience work together to solve the riddles and help them find the true Spirit of Christmas!

This is a 90-minute performance with an intermission. Light holiday snacks and drinks will be served.

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