Escape game The Heist

Company: Red Fox Escapes

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

3 reviews


614 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02139 ()

(617) 417-8748

Ring the bottom buzzer under the giant "Red Fox Escapes" sign! Once inside, the door is a few steps ahead, on the right.

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Your motley crew of thieves is planning a heist at a private gallery in Back Bay. Although the gallery is full of priceless art, your quest is for a single hidden prize: a flawless 500-carat diamond, worth over a hundred million dollars.

Assembled in your secret hideout you have the blueprints, inside knowledge of the alarms, and all the tools for your devious break-in. Tonight you determine your destiny: a lifetime of untold riches, or a decade behind bars?..