Escape game Unsolved Mysteries: Institution Secrets

Company: Panic Escape Room

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5.0 / 5

10+ reviews


1000 W Spring St South Elgin, IL 60177 ()


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Some say that a building can retain memories and imprints of emotions. If that’s true, 1000 W Spring Street is more haunted than most.

An outpatient center for nearby Elgin State Mental Hospital in the 60’s, was shut down for unauthorized experimentation on patients.

Following this, it was converted into an academy for troubled youth… That is until an entire class and teacher disappeared in 1978, ruining the reputation of the school and leaving the building abandoned and untouched to this day.

A recent string of disappearances have caught the attention of the public, and now it’s up to you to discover the secrets hidden within these decrepit walls…

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