Rooms of No Return

Rooms of No Return is a live escape room experience where you and a group of people are trapped inside a room for a certain amount of time. You have to find clues, put puzzles together and solve riddles in order to find your way out.

Just imagine... you're Indiana Jones in the map room, positioning the Staff of Ra to reveal the secret location you've been searching for. You're the star of "National Treasure" and you've just found the red-and-blue glasses in the hidden brick, and now there's another message on the back of the Declaration of Independence. You're you, trapped in a D.C. basement, frantically searching for clues to root out the spy defector, and the authorities are coming, and time is running out. You have a certain amount of time to try and escape! Will you get out before the time runs out?

Average Rating: 4.8 (10+ reviews)

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