Escape game The Grid

Company: Escapology


3025 Pinnacle Pkwy Covington, LA 70433 ()


Exit 59 off Interstate 12 - Next door to Buffalo Wild Wings

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You and your team are victims, I mean players of The Grid. The Grid is a floor made entirely of LED lights. Depending on the game chosen, you will either be playing as a team to beat the Grid or playing against your teammates for the highest score. Either way, be prepared to move quickly and efficiently without getting taken down by the killer red tiles.

You will use a kiosk to start the game. You are initially given two choices; Default or Rank. If you choose Default, you are playing as a team to beat The Grid. If you chose Rank, you are playing against your teammates for the highest score.

Blue and Purple Tiles are points. For Default games, step on as many as you can without getting killed by the red tiles. Green tiles are safe, a place where you cannot score or be killed. Red tiles are the killers. Stay away from them and you might survive The Grid.

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