Escape game The Rockwall Rooms

Company: Rockwall Escape Rooms

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2233 Ridge Rd #101 Rockwall, TX 75087 ()


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Ms. W, your teacher in your favorite subject, history, has always been fascinated by the story of Texas’s past- but specifically the history of her family’s heritage in Rockwall County. In your opinion, she’s a little too excited about Rockwall County. Your class did reports on Rockwall and learned some cool facts about the city, but nothing too dramatic.

You had a substitute teacher in her class today, so being the historian and detective you are, you decide to snoop around her classroom after the final bell rings. Your observation leads you to a time-traveling secret, but the custodians lock the school doors in one hour - so you only have one hour to see what Ms. W is up to and what is so intriguing about the history of Rockwall, Texas!

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