Escape game Wong's Chinese

Company: The Perfect Escape


2501 Avenue J Suite 104, Arlington, TX 76006 ()

(817) 962-0042

We are located in the Entertainment District of Arlington. Near many restaurants, the Cowboys/Rangers Stadium, as well as Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor.

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Fresh out of culinary school, you have worked diligently below the renowned Mr. Wong’s under his careful tutelage. The restaurant has recently received word that celebrity chef, Mitchell Nom shall be frequenting the restaurant and will be filming an episode of Food Escapes for Wong’s dumplings. If it passes his discriminating palate, Mr. Nom will be awarding his famous Mitchell N’s Star.

Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, Mr. Wong’s had to take a last minute trip to China. It’s now up to you and fellow line chefs to prepare the dumplings for our esteemed guest. Will you successfully escape all the rookie mistakes to make the perfect dumplings, or will you go up in flames!?