Escape game The Area 51 Adventure

Company: The Secret Chambers

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5.0 / 5

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2111 N Collins St #225 Arlington, TX 76011 ()


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The mystery of Area 51 started for us Earthicans one night in 1967 when something crash-landed near Roswell, NM…
But to really get through decades of internet rumors and tropey sci-fi schlock, you would need to physically ENTER the facility and look around for yourself.
Today is your lucky day!
We have enlisted the help of the world’s craziest Hacker to exploit all of those 1990s-era security protocols the military still uses...
You might say... "We're in!"
Warning: This is a top secret government site… there is no telling what you may find inside. It will be filled with secrets and outright lies to cover them up... so don’t trust what you see on paper, trust what you see with your eyes!

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