Escape game A Pirate's Curse

Company: Escapology


9 Trefoil Dr Trumbull, CT 06611 ()


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Many years ago, there was a crew of barbaric pirates led by their bold and intrepid Captain. His name was Captain Goldbeard and he spent his years voyaging the seas in the hopes of acquiring treasures beyond his wildest dreams. But one night, many moons ago, the Captain and his crew landed themselves in troubled water embarking on a quest where few others dare go, aboard an abandoned ship laden with treasure, known as ‘The Soul Catcher’.

But little did he know what lay ahead… As the old pirates tale suggests, the treasures aboard The Soul Catcher were protected by a deadly sunset curse. As the story goes, there is only one rightful owner of the fortune and those who don’t succeed nor belong are to have their souls captured by the ship come sunset, holding them prisoner inside The Soul Catcher for eternity! And this was the poor fate for the Captain and his crew, who fell victim to the deadly curse and until today, not a soul has dared come near. But that means only one thing… The treasures are still up for grabs!

Now if you’re here today for that very reason, to find the fortune, I must warn you of the voyage you are about to take. But the deadly sunset curse waits for no one and you only have one hour before the sun sets beyond the horizon where you will be left prisoner aboard The Soul Catcher for eternity, with no escape! Do you have what it takes to find the hidden treasure and beat the deadly sunset curse? Are you the rightful owners of the fortune or will you become the next prisoner to The Soul Catcher? Tread carefully and don’t let this adventure be your last! Time is of the essence…”

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