Escape game Time Capsule

Company: The Clue Room

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5.0 / 5

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7255 S. Havana Street Centennial, CO 80112 ()


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Welcome to Time Capsule: the universe’s only vintage emporium existing beyond time and space. Dive into genuine relics from past and future to discover the secrets of this quaint shop. But be careful, the fabrics of time and space are just as fragile as the products lining our shelves; make the wrong move and your dimensional timeline could be erased.
We require a minimum booking of 6 participants to make the following games private: Clue Dunnit, Time Capsule, Monstrum, and 1893. If less than 6 participants are already booked into the game, the game will not be private. This game has bright, moving disco lights (not strobe). If anyone in your group is sensitive to these kind of lights, please contact The Clue Room so we can modify it before your booking.

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