Escape game The Code: Cyber Heist

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Just moments ago, the cyber criminal network ‘Cipher’ emerged with an online message boasting plans to execute what could be the most catastrophic cyber heist in American history. The group is drawing inspiration from former hacker, Nitr0, who attempted to orchestrate a multimillion dollar cyber heist some years ago. These copycats are launching an attack on an unprecedented scale, potentially plunging the nation into a severe financial crisis. Their target: a digital vault safeguarding a cryptocurrency fortune valued at over one hundred billion US dollars. Cipher claims to have developed an advanced AI-based program capable of breaching the vault's firewall and granting them access to the massive fortune within a 60 minute window.

As elite members of a specialized FBI Task Force, extensively trained in cyber security and criminal investigation, you have traced a lead to a remote warehouse suspected to be the hackers' hideout. But your opponents are smart and you quickly realize that you’ve walked right into their trap, finding yourselves locked in their domain with damning evidence pointing at you and seemingly no way out. Reacting fast, you grasp the advantage of your remote location, affording you valuable time to devise a plan and find an escape route.

Copycat criminals often emulate the tactics of their role models, granting a high likelihood that a kill code exists, something Nitro once adopted, capable of shutting down the program. This presents you with an opportunity to regain control of the digital vault and the one hundred billion dollar fortune it safeguards. The question remains: do you have what it takes uncover the kill code? Can you navigate Cipher's intricate security systems, execute the shutdown, and dismantle the entire cyber criminal network before it's too late?

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