Escape game Gold Rush Cabin

Company: Narrow Escape


209 M & M Ranch Rd #109 Granbury, TX 76049 ()


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Ol’ man Schmitty has packed up and headed west for bigger pockets of gold. He’s left everything behind including his gold stash, the deed to his cabin, and he’s gotten the heck out of Dodge. The cabin and residual gold could be yours, but you’ve got to get to the deed first!

The thing about that is that Ol’ man Schmitty is a wise and cryptic cowboy. He’s got a way of coming up with unique methods to hide his gold so it won’t be stolen by thieves. You’ll have to solve all of his crafty conundrums to get the gold and the deed! But you’ve got to act fast, a band of gunslinging train robbers are hot on your trail and trying to get to the deed before you. The rough-riding gang is an hour ride south of town. You have sixty minutes to get in and get out before the prickly posse arrives and you find yourself surrounded and outgunned! Does your wild west fate hold fortune or failure?

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