Escape game Apollo's Revenge[Closed]

Company: Escape Zone


425 Watt St, Jeffersonville, IN 47130 ()

(812) 786-1239

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The Greek myth states that Apollo had been mocking Cupid, the god of love. In retaliation, Cupid fired two arrows: a gold arrow that struck Apollo and made him fall in love with Daphne, and a lead arrow that made Daphne hate Apollo. Under the spell of the arrow, Apollo continued to follow Daphne, but she continued to reject him.

Daphne turned to her father the river god, Peneus, and pleaded for him to free her from Apollo. In response, Peneus used his power to turn Daphne into a laurel tree. Apollo was heart-broken at the loss of Daphne and to remember her forever, he made the laurel the symbol to tribute to poets.

After all these years, Apollo has now gotten his revenge on Cupid. He has traveled to our time and captured him, locking him away. Cupid must be freed or no one will ever find true love again!

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