Escape game The Crime Scene[Closed]

Company: Escape Zone


425 Watt St, Jeffersonville, IN 47130 ()

(812) 786-1239

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You are the lead detective in a series of murders. This is the 5th murder this week, a young lady named London Stewart. Finally, it’s all starting to come together of who is killing all of these people.

Danny Cortez is a very wealthy and powerful individual in the drug world. He is getting rid of anyone who could convict him in a trial knowing that the cops are closing in. You heard from an undercover informant very close to Cortez that he has hidden the murder weapon in Stewarts apartment 1B.

In fear that he will be the next victim, he cannot tell you where it is hidden. Instead, he has left you a series of clues to lead you to the weapon. You now have one hour to find the weapon that will convict Cortez before he boards a plane heading for Afghanistan.

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