Escape game Lost in the Ozarks

Company: Locked Away Escapes

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You are a group of reporters that have set out on the journey to Discover what is happening in the Ozark mountains. Individuals seem to disappear without a trace. Your manager has sent your team to talk to the locals, but with so much area to cover you are forced to camp over night in order to talk to the rest of the locals the next morning.
The following morning you awaken to your cameraman missing from his tent with nothing but a few drag marks to follow. Knowing there is no time to find cell phone signal your team is forced to follow the trail, which leads you to this old cabin but after knocking nobody will answer.
Your Gut instincts says something's not right and he might be Locked Away inside. Can you find a way into the mysterious cabin and find who or what "remains" inside and catch the story you were looking for or will you run out of time and become the next story on the 10 clock news?

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