Escape game The Ship

Company: Escape Room Louisiana

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5.0 / 5

5+ reviews


317 1/2 Pine St, Lake Charles, LA 70601 ()


on the corner of Bilbo and Pine

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You eagerly joined in the uprising against the captain. He hasn’t produced the riches he claimed that you would all have under his command. When the opportunity came to overthrow him, you jumped at the chance. The crew all agreed to overthrow the captain, but when the time came, most were too afraid to stand up to him.

You and a small group were all that spoke up. Now you find yourselves sitting below deck and wondering your fate. The crew drank and carried on all through the night. It is nearly dawn and they will awake soon. You only have a short time to break out of your prison, find the treasure map to locate your riches and get off the ship.

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