Escape game The Pharaoh's Treasure[Closed]

Company: Ace Escape Game

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4.7 / 5

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1612 Staunton Ave 2nd Floor Los Angeles ()

(323) 740-6555

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In this room, you’ll be transported to a time when one of one of the greatest civilizations ruled the earth. The Ancient Egyptians were known for their mystical ways. Pharaoh’s were known to be the most powerful beings known for their opulent wealth & power. Upon the death of a pharaoh, the corpse was enclosed inside a sarcophagus — a box like funeral receptacle. Your group of treasure hunters have just discovered the tomb of the pharaoh. Your group had planned on seeking the hidden treasures of the pharaoh but as fate would have it, plans have changed. You have been locked in, unable to escape, and there is only enough oxygen to last one hour. To survive, you and your group will have to decipher through any clues you can gather, carefully searching for any evidence in the mural art and other ancient artifacts from thousands of years ago.