VR City Z VR

Company: ANVIO

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

1 review


6801 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028 ()


LEVEL 1st, near Hard Rock cafe

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Fear or desire to survive - which is closer to you? The legendary VR zombie shooter City Z is your way to find out the answer. To get out of the ruins of the City, you will have to walk along the parapet over the abyss, learn to navigate in the dark and shoot hundreds of walking dead. You have no limits other than your own fears. Zombies have no desires other than the desire to kill. Are you ready for such a rehearsal of the apocalypse? Put on your armor, choose a rifle or a shotgun - now you are part of a special forces group. Your team has a special mission - to get to the secret laboratory and stay alive.

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