Escape game Secrets of the Illuminati

Company: Puzzle Workshop

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5.0 / 5

3 reviews


18003 Sky Park Circle Bldg 53, Unit F2 Irvine, CA 92614 ()


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International treasure seeker Jack Maverick has been hunting a mysterious relic known as the Statue of Sekhmet. He believes it is in the hands of one Sir Edwin Falkier, a wealthy aristocrat… and rumored member of the secret society, the “Illuminati.” Jack’s got a plan to steal the artifact from under their noses, but he’s going to need your help.

Enter Sir Falkier’s study, recover the sacred artifact, and escape before the Illuminati come for you. But be careful - the Illuminati specialize in codes and secrets. Can you decipher them before time runs out?

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