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Company: Quest Room

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1815 Hawthorne Blvd Redondo Beach, CA 90278 ()


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It was a normal summer, just like you’ve always had. The sun was getting closer to setting and you knew you needed to be home soon- but those lights. Those blinking, hypnotic lights. They called to you. You weren’t sure if you had ever seen something so beautiful. Curiosity drove you and your friends forward- ducking between branches as you pushed deeper into the neighboring forests hoping for just a second to hold the light in your hand.

You’d seen these forests every day for so long but they began to look foreign to you. Where were you? Was there always a house here? The lights were gone. But maybe (just maybe) if you open the door you can find them. Only the truly Brave would push forward- are you ready to enter?

Warlocked is an Adventure Fantasy game like no other. Set in a magical kingdom known only as Questoria, you and your friends will be tasked with saving a wizard, his heir and their kingdom from doom at the hands of an evil Warlock. You only have 60 minutes to free them and restore the magic of Questoria! Are you Brave enough to open the door? BOOK NOW

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