Escape game Chernobyl Disaster: Moments After

Company: The Escape Revolution

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26th of April, 1986… In the heart of the night, as the clock struck 1:24 a.m. the Chernobyl Power Plant shook the world with a cataclysmic explosion that echoed through the ages. The air remained heavy with fear and uncertainty, the seconds ticking away like a doomsday countdown.
Amidst this chaos, you, fearless nuclear scientists, stand firm within the treacherous maze of the plant. Your expertise becomes the ray of hope in the face of utter devastation. The mission laid before you is as daring as it is dangerous. Deep within these eerie corridors lies an abandoned bunker, forgotten and neglected. The Soviets could never have fathomed the cruel twist of fate that would demand its revival.
Your mission is crystal clear: decontaminate the bunker, eliminating its harmful contaminants, and transform its decaying remnants into a sanctuary of life.
But time mocks your desperate efforts. Each breath you take depletes the precious oxygen, a reminder of the imminent danger closing in. Destiny's grasp tightens, ready to unleash a brutal dose of radiation, and consume you without mercy.
How will you find the resilience to triumph over this harrowing battle against time and deliver salvation to those who crave it?

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