Escape room "Budapest Express"

Company: Escapology

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
901-746-9257 or 901-746-8794 2845 Stage Center Cove Bartlett TN 38134
On your way to a detective conference with your closest colleagues, you're traveling onboard the famous Budapest Express. Suddenly a knock on the door interrupts your peaceful journey. The manager needs your help: a first-class passenger has been murdered. It had to have been one of the passengers! You have to figure it before you become the next victim!

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Reviews of escape game "Budapest Express"

  • My family and I went here today to celebrate my 16th birthday that was last week. We tackled the "Budapest Express" room. The rooms are very detailed and they really make you feel like you're part of the story. We forgot multiple times that our main objective was actually to escape the room and not to solve the mystery! It was incredibly fun and involved and I would recommend it to anyone. I'll definitely come back to try the other rooms!


  • Was definitely challenging and fun! I'll be back again soon! We almost got out when we did Antidote and Budapest Express. Budapest Express was the most exciting!


  • Five friends and I went last night to do the Budapest Express. The lobby was nice, the staff was welcoming, and the room itself was very detailed. (Bonus: the bathrooms were spotless!) The puzzles themselves inside the room were a challenge. The scenario was really detailed and you got a great sense of the story from the items in the room. It was really a fantastic experience and we're already planning our next trip.