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In the early days of man, magic was celebrated and respected. The first magicians were revered by the highest authorities and were given a seat of power at their side.

But as with all forms of power, there were those who sought to use it for evil. As its misuse grew, so did the will of common people to eliminate all magic from existence. In an attempt to save the ancient art, the truest and most powerful sorcerers transcribed the secrets of genuine magic into the Magician’s Code, and secured it deep within the Temple of Spells. They became the caretakers of the temple and vowed to guard the secrets with their lives.

After thousands of years, the chain of Caretakers was broken, and the Magician’s Code was feared lost. A recent discovery has uncovered the Temple, and the book containing the secrets is believed to still be inside. But all who would enter beware: there will be no trickery or illusions here, but real, powerful magic awaits. Can you unlock the Magician’s Code, or will the secrets of magic disappear forever?

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